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Fiinovation is a leading company in the sector of social development. The company has played a crucial role in enhancing the future of most marginalized sections of the society.  The company is known for its highly detailed research and has worked in in multiple niches across borders.

We have a separate department of “proposal research and design laboratory” whose main work is to research and develop result-oriented solutions. Our team is highly skilled and has hands-on experience in diverse fields. We at Fiinovation, are adhered to scientific and rational research and our history is filled with performance-oriented solutions.

How does Fiinovation work with NGOs?

Fiinovation offers Partnership Management which is specially designed for NGOs. This caters to the interest of both the parties- Corporation and Civil societies Organizations’ (CSO).

It helps corporations in shortlisting the credible and genuine civil society and groups and successfully implements their programs.

Our team is adhering to high statistical data and has penetrated. We create initiatives based on the location and experience of the organizations. We have successfully helped many NGOs achieve desired results. Our initiatives cover a large domain.  We analyze the NGO requirements and arrange resources for them. Many such organizations have achieved enormous results and they still remember us for our campaigns.

Why us?

Fiinovation is known for its excellence in a range of services and initiatives. We take utmost pride in declaring that we have successfully bridged the gap between businesses’ and marginalized communities. This has rendered a great positive impact on businesses’ and communities across borders. We are highly experienced in creating customized solutions for organizations.

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  • NGOs have always had a good opinion about Fiinovation because they are always sure of the fact that they are never going to be left high and dry.

Fiinovation Updates

  • The government of India has started giving awards for excellence in CSR. The award is an acknowledgement of the companies for bringing significant contribution in the social sector. The main focus area of CSR awards will be human, economic, sustainable and environmental development.


  • As per the data, sub Saharan region of Arica is worst hit by Malaria. The entire continent is in the trap of Malaria and has registered more than 100 million people died due to this disease. Hence, the 3 nations- Ghana, Kenya and Malawi are selected to test the world’s first malaria vaccine on children.


  • Africa has been chosen to undertake the testing of world’s first malaria vaccine. The vaccine will be injected into children, which forms the highest number deaths due to malaria in the region. The pilot project is presumed to kick off by next year.


  • Africa: chosen for testing the world’s first malaria vaccine, the main project will begin next year. The test will be conducted on children’s who are worst affected and registered a high number of deaths in the region. The vaccine is very potent as it can save many lives if taken with existing measures.


  • The social development sector needs to advocate more causes which are not getting highlighted in mainstream media. There is still discrimination and atrocities against the backward classes. Similarly, issues related to women empowerment. Many sportsmen, artists, craftsmen etc are living in poor conditions. There are so many children on the streets. When will the authorities wake up. Agencies such as Fiinovation should start advocating such issues and I also think that companies should take up this issues while doing social work.


  • After Trump had moved away from the Paris Agreement, Mr. modi has cleared that India is in no mood to move out of the agreement. As it is for the welfare of the Future generation hence we will stay with the agreement.


  • Trump accused the Paris agreement as its bad for America and hence moved out of the Agreement. Top leaders and companies are critical about the trump’s stance. However, India will stay with the agreement.


  • Clearing the dust over India’s positioning in the Paris agreement, Mr Modi said that India will stay with the agreement as it’s important for the Future generation.


Fiinovation: Assessment Studies for Mytrah Energy at Anantapur, AP

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New Delhi, Delhi, India, 06 January 2017/Businesswire India//– For assistance in corporate social responsibility initiatives, Mytrah Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd., which is one of the largest independent power producers in renewable energy sector, collaborated with Fiinovation, [...]