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Like any company Fiinovation also gets reviews from employees, industry experts and clients. We welcome feedback and reviews from people who we have worked with. However there are times when people try to ruin the reputation of Fiinovation by writing bad reviews even when they had no connection with Fiinovation.

Check our Fiinovation Reviews :

  • I was working with a NGO in the year 2010. I had approached Fiinovation for a project. However, things did not become fruitful. Last year, I met them at conference and again requested them to raise funds for projects related to rehabilitation of street children in Pondicherry. After their assurance to do something in this matter, I am hopeful that businesses might be willing to invest if they like our proposal.

  • Make in India is a great initiative to boost the manufacturing sector. However, along with this the manufacturing companies should also focus on CSR, especially skill development so as to accommodate the large workforce. Fiinovation which is a CSR consultancy based in Delhi mentioned at a conference that the world is looking at India to develop in a sustainable manner and not like China. I completely agree with them as sustainability is part of our culture.

  • I strongly disagree with the way the Indian companies are contributing towards the social initiatives. As part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities, firstly, they are establishing their own foundations, when there are more than 3 million NGOs in this country. Instead of taking assistance with the people who have been associated with such activities, they are engaging in activities themselves. Apart from this, they are also conducting monitoring, evaluation and assessment studies by themselves instead of giving that to a third party. I wonder how will they know about their own mistakes. Fiinovation, a global CSR consulting company have highlighted such issues in several CSR conferences. Hope, things become more systematic when it comes to CSR.

  • I am very thankful to Fiinovation for getting a senior secondary high school under CSR in a very small village near Faridabad which is my native place.

  • With much complex issue, there is need of money as well as motivation. Leading CSR consultancies like fiinovation and communities of the same caliber should have emotional management expert to motivate oppressed people.

  • Development could not be done by spending money only, intelligence, smartness and planning is also necessary ingredients. Fiinovation is such company which serve value for each penny.